Paintless dent repair
made easy.

Intuitive software for PDR professionals
to simplify workflow, maximize profit,
and get the job done.

Finally, a PDR appraisal system that keeps up.

PDRMAX is an expert system designed for fast estimating and full job management.

Build the appraisals
insurers want.

Win more work by showcasing professional service from start to finish.

Push dents,
not paper.

Spend your time in the shop, not the office. Let PDRMAX handle the rest.

The new standard
in appraisal management.
Secure and in the cloud
Easy estimating
All devices
Detailed appraisal reports
Free customer access
Appraisals with photos
Two-factor authentication
Insurer approved
Technician accounts
ODB II Support

Take Your Pick.

Use PDRMAX with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

No internet? No problem. PDRMAX lets you create unlimited appraisals out in the field and syncs back up automatically at the shop. Use the PDRMAX App on your phone for quick estimates, and finish up with the PDRMAX enterprise web site. Your appraisals are synced automatically across your devices.

Keep your stakeholders informed.

Your customers can set up free PDRMAX accounts to watch their repairs from estimation to signoff. Fleet owners and dealerships can get instant updates, and easily keep track of changing priorities. Insurance carriers can track claim resolution progress and guard against double-bills and fraud.

Single-handed walk-around estimates.

PDRMAX is carefully tuned to support fast estimating. Everything you need is one tap away. Artificial intelligence algorithms help keep estimation time down, while providing rich and detailed paintless dent repair appraisals.

Built-in dent matrixes.

PDRMAX has a dent matrix for all major Canadian insurers, and you can easily add more. It knows about off-matrix charges, r&i costs, and special surcharges for ladder work and double panels. It even knows which vehicles have aluminum body panels, to make sure your appraisals are accurate.

Simplify Life.

Let your staff and contractors pay themselves.

PDRMAX lets authorized staff roll their own payouts, using rules set by you. You don't need to watch invoices stack up any more, or answer account balance queries. Technicians get their own PDRMAX accounts, and can easily check their work history and payout totals. It's another way PDRMAX simplifies life.

One-click invoices.

Accounting is the last thing you need to worry about during a catastrophe claim drive. With PDRMAX, it's taken care of for you. Appraisals become estimates which become invoices, and are automatically added to a customer's balance. You can even use PDRMAX to keep track of body shop repair sublets, rental car charges, and parts & labor.

Solid & secure.

PDRMAX uses industry-standard data encryption and two-factor authentication to keep your appraisals safe. You choose which partners see your appraisals, and how much detail to share. And you can rest easy knowing that PDRMAX runs on AWS infrastructure, with a 99.99% uptime track record.

For small and large shops.

PDRMAX adds tremendous value to a paintless dent repair enterprise, no matter the size. Single-person shops can use it to build the pro-grade appraisals that insurers are demanding. Large PDR firms will find that PDRMAX scales effortlessly to accommodate and support any shop volume. PDRMAX quickly becomes an indispensable tool for serious PDR pros.

One-man shop or country-wide franchise, PDRMAX works for you. Get in touch to find out more!